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The global sports market is estimated to reach more than $1 Trillion USD[1][2] by the end of the decade. This massive market is driven by nearly 4 billion fans who power the economic engine of sports through their support of teams and players with attendance, media consumption, purchase of licensed merchandise, participating in fantasy leagues and/or betting on sports.

Data+Sports (“Company”) is building GameDay+ to unify the digital sports community. 

GameDay+ is a mobile 1st dApp featuring user generated and curated professional content, insights and analytics on match-ups, teams and players that matter to you, complete with a tightly integrated digital wallet and 1:1 and group social tools to bring together friends, experts and fans.

Unlike traditional web2.0 media platforms, GameDay+ creates opportunities for all participants to benefit financially from the value they create—either by contributing or consuming content or helping expand the size of the community—through GameDay+ NFTs, and rewards issued through your integrated digital wallet. Data+Sports is exploring issuing a $GAMEDAY token to introduce liquidity and support the community.

GameDay+ NFTs will be minted through a smart contract protocol built on the FLOW blockchain that will govern the value exchange for each of our stakeholders within the platform. GameDay+ Loyalty NFTs outline rewards for, among other things, community growth and referrals, increased attention and engagement with brand partners (brands + sportsbooks), contribution of content, insights and more.

GameDay+ Creator NFTs can govern access to content and empower creators to build exclusive experiences or limited edition collectibles.
Engagement and participation in GameDay+ will include rewards that are governed by your GameDay+ Loyalty NFT, which may be redeemable for free tickets to sporting events, discounted or free goods and services from select brand partners (ie-Food & Delivery, Ride Services, Digital Content, Gear, Tickets & Experiences), among other things.
We strongly believe that tokenizing the user experience in our dApp opens up new opportunities for content creators and contributors to participate in and earn from the value of their creations and enable every community member to be rewarded financially for their engagement, consumption contribution, wagering and play to earn activity.
Growth of the GameDay+ community will enable us to expand tokenized gamification, social Peer2Peer sports wagering, and virtual (and metaverse) social sports experiences (sports bars, tailgating, watch parties, live broadcasting) across our dApps and into the Metaverse.




GameDay+ is a decentralized content aggregation, insights, and social dApp that caters to sports wagerers, enthusiasts, content creators, expert handicappers and the online sports betting ecosystem. 
Today, the sports entertainment and wagering industry in the United States is established around a set of traditional sports media companies (ie-ESPN, Bleacher Report), social media business platforms (ie-Meta, Twitter), aggregated insights and wagering recommendation platforms (ie-Action Network, BetQL) and a rapidly growing competitive field of sportsbooks who are competing to acquire customers to place bets (ie-DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM).

GameDay+ is designed to shift attention and build engagement from the existing ecosystem through the aggregation of user generated and professionally curated content, personalized insights to leverage for wagering intelligence, and community tools where members contribute to community growth and are rewarded for their time and attention. The GameDay+ value exchange rewards our users for UGC, content and brand engagement, audience referrals, and contributions to the growth of the community. Tokenizing the experience in GameDay+ enables contributors to the community to more equitably share in the monetization of time spent and value created on the platform.

GameDay+ Loyalty NFTs dictate user rewards, and live in the user’s integrated crypto wallet. Rewards are “air dropped” into your integrated wallet, including traditional brand and affiliate offers (ie-free stuff, offers, discounts, incentives to wager). The integrated wallet makes (outside) exchanges and marketplaces accessible, where earned tokens and GameDay+ NFTs can be integrated into the holder’s portfolio to be traded, exchanged or sold. We aim to integrate 3rd party NFTs into the platform for users to incorporate into their GameDay+ profile and to display across the community.


Community participants (users and creators) have the opportunity to earn NFTs and tokens, and these are used as the platform “currency” to barter and exchange with members of the community within GameDay+. They are also able to transact through an external exchange (e.g. Coinbase) or marketplace (e.g. SushiSwap/Uniswap, OpenSea) at their discretion to sell/trade their NFTs and exchange their tokens, or redeem them for brand rewards.



Users receive data-driven analysis, content and insights on the teams, players and matchups that matter to them, social participation with in-feed UGC and 1:1 and group messaging, called “Smacktalk”, integrated with a digital wallet to access NFTs, tokens, and rewards. Community participants are awarded GameDay+ Loyalty NFT enhancements, level-ups, or tokens for engagement, user generated content and referrals that grow the community. Since users are incentivized to grow the community, we can apply innovative community building methods such as crowdfunding through NFTs, to invest tokens for an ad in the Super Bowl, for example, and anyone who participates receives tokens/rewards for the new members driven by these campaigns.



Creators are able to access highly curated and engaged audiences, enhance the value of their content and create innovative decentralized transaction models by leveraging GameDay+ Creator NFTs, tokens and micro transactions. These models allow both amateur and professional creators the opportunity to showcase and monetize their opinions, insights and/or art.


GameDay+ is a unique engagement platform that allows brands and affiliates to participate in the value exchange with users. Our incentive model rewards consumers for platform engagement with affiliate goods and services (free and discounted), and for performing tasks with affiliate brands. For example, opening an account and wagering with a sportsbook or ordering a meal can result in the users or creators receiving GameDay+ Loyalty NFT enhancements, level-ups, specific rewards, or tokens.












Illustration of the flywheel design that feeds the user and revenue growth of GameDay+

Fundamentally, this rewards framework builds a Web3 community that keeps all parties aligned with the value they create and allows that value to grow as the community grows. In our self-sustaining ecosystem, incentives drive new content and organic usage, which increases attraction from marketers, which drives revenue growth (measured as revenue per user - ARPU), enabling community users and creators to earn more as the community grows.






The evolution of sports entertainment “sportainment” over the next decade will be transformative. GenZ and GenA audiences do not engage with sports in the same way as previous generations. The close to $80 billion USD spent on broadcast rights for lengthy and commercial infused broadcasts for Boomers, GenX and a portion of Millennials will not appeal to the later generations without significant augmentation.



































Social, A/R & V/R, and Gamification of the experience will need to be core to the future of sportainment in order to appeal and remain relevant to younger generations.


Ownership and participation in the game

Current sports fans are content to be passive participants in the entertainment of sports. Fantasy games and Sports Wagering have paved the way for gamification of the sports experience for the average fan. The future of sportainment is providing ownership and utility within the sports experience through special and exclusive access, rewards for outcomes of the contest and for participating as a fan. And unlike traditional loyalty programs, with loyalty NFTs open up the opportunity for community members to participate in the value created by their loyalty to the community.

Peer2Peer wagering and games of skill

Sports is inherently social. The future of sportainment will enable fans to engage in fully integrated games of skill and virtual peer to peer wagering on the outcomes of sporting and e-gaming events.

Digital persona and Social Signaling

Social presence and digital identity are core to the human experience in the 21st century. Social signaling through leaderboards, digital goods, collectibles and access will be core to sportainment as we push into the metaverse.

Integrated and decentralized Wallet

In order to facilitate and streamline the concept of ownership and Peer2Peer engagement, a fully integrated digital wallet is crucial to allowing goods and services to be showcased, traded and monetized in the future.

Live Broadcasting and Commentary Outside of Traditional Broadcast

We’ve seen the future of alternative broadcast feeds tested with the Peyton Manning & Eli Manning broadcast on ESPN in the United States. The response to having an alternative set of opinions, insights and guests opens up new opportunities for the future of sports commentary. Web3 opens up the potential for live broadcasts with fully integrated wallets for tips and rewards promoted and featured on social platforms.



The vast majority of the value created in the digital age of media has been concentrated in a handful of ubiquitous and permissioned ecosystems often called, “walled gardens”. These ecosystems are established often by giving away free access to a platform, where the corporate owner then monetizes user identities through ads and transactions within the platform, and mines their users’ personal data to maximize their Average Revenue Per User (ARPU).

These walled gardens’ business models are straightforward - and are reinforced and preserved by almost insurmountable network effects. The combination of minimized media creation costs through User Generated Content (UGC), extracting data to track and capitalize on consumer behaviors to maximize ARPU, community powered engagement, and a defensive M&A strategy have contributed to massive inertia that has almost entirely disrupted traditional media companies. The fabric of our political, economic, and societal structures has been transformed because of the concentration of influence, scale, innovation, and shareholder value that preserves and amplifies their strength. As a result, legacy media companies are merging and divesting to reduce costs and/or build scale to compete for ad dollars and users. Regulators are examining the anti-trust options at their disposal to handicap this concentration of power. And the industry is entrenching its strength with the illusion of privacy protection by presenting alternatives to tracking that will only reinforce the walled gardens themselves. As an example, social network Facebook generated an ARPU of $52.04 (US and Canada) for Q3 2021, a value that is not shared with their community. Web3 has the potential to disrupt this pattern.

Web3 creates the opportunity for new organizations to replicate the network effect flywheels of the walled gardens to empower users and contributors to impact adoption and growth, and partake in value creation, with transparency at the core.




What began in print, before broadcast paved the way for cable, was a clearly defined business model that has powered the media industry throughout the 20th century. The combination of subscription and ad supported revenue served as the de-facto model of monetization for nearly every media company on the planet.

Unbeknownst to the lawmakers who designed and passed the landmark omnibus legislation known as the Communications Decency Act (CDA) in 1996, they incorporated in it the commercial and strategic accelerant for Web2.0. Not only did persistent and high-speed internet access pave the way for rich streaming content and communications, a provision within that act, 47 U.S.C. § 230, was a significant ingredient in the forming and bolstering of the largest media companies in history.
As a result, companies such as Facebook and YouTube (Google), were able to leverage the infinite scale of the Internet to build massive audiences and create communities with a near-zero cost basis for content, allowing them to invest heavily into infrastructure and scaling users. Because of this, the economics and dynamics between creators and content owners - historically pinned on distribution and access - were forever changed.


As we look towards Web3, a tokenized web, we are at another inflection point where creators, users and communities are empowered to co-op this symbiotic relationship to create win-win scenarios across all stakeholders. 



In 2017, challenger browser company, Brave, conceived of a new way to engage and reward users as an incentive to migrate attention and usage away from browser competitors Mozilla, Google and Apple.
Their concept was to create an Etheruem-based token that was issued to users for the time spent browsing the web on their browser. 


Brave raised $35,000,000 USD as part of an initial coin offering in May of 2017, issuing 1,500,000 tokens to be distributed amongst investors, employees, and users to drive user growth.
That $35,000,000 USD initial investment has grown to a network cap of $1.7B, and has since began a migration to the Solana blockchain as a means of avoiding high gas fees.


Our strategy borrows some of the core themes that have driven the success and popularity of the $BAT token, and our framework expands upon this foundation to encourage creators, brands, and affiliates to engage within and maximize the value of the sports community.


New platforms to support Peer2Peer wagering are being developed by a number of companies, including BetDex and SportTrade. Though the regulatory environment for this concept is challenging, the future of wagering on games of skill and games of chance should not be debated. Today, sportsbooks handicap match-ups, props and parlays, hoping to balance the scales of these transactions to avoid exposure and retain their “hold”. Many in the sports wagering space believe the future of wagering, facilitated by a decentralized wallet, empowers individuals to wager on games of skill and games of chance based on the terms of a Peer2Peer smart contract. Data+Sports is committed to exploring the future of decentralized sports wagering with our partners and with regulators.




GameDay+ is a smart contract protocol, iOS mobile application, and web application that facilitates the creation and exchange, and settlement of sports betting content. The project combines use-to-earn rewards, sports content creator settlement, DeFi, and digital collectibles through non-fungible ERC-721 tokens (“NFTs”) GameDay+ NFTs, and ERC-20 tokens. The project does not currently support crypto-based sports betting, but Data+Sports is currently evaluating the regulatory environment that would enable the support of tokenized peer to peer wagering across the community for launch in late 2023.

The GameDay+ protocol consists of a set of open source smart contracts that power the GameDay+ ecosystem. The protocol creates and processes the exchange of sports content enabling content creators and consumers to benefit from a decentralized exchange of sports content and crypto-currency assets. 


GameDay+ NFTs are ERC-721 tokens that exist on the FLOW blockchain networks. GameDay+ NFTs are intended to have powerful and extensible utility to our community of users and creators.
The NFTs will have five main uses on day one: 

  • Creator NFTs - Content creators will be able to offer their art, collectible, or access to their proprietary content through the minting of NFTs on the GameDay+ platform

  • Loyalty NFTs - End users will be able to acquire NFTs to acquire art, collectibles or gain access to exclusive content in the form of analytics, insights or private group chats. 

  • Access/Status - NFT holders will gain access to exclusive content and status related to rewards in the platform. 

  • Content Creator Rewards - Sports content creators will earn GameDay+ tokens in exchange for access to their content contributions on GameDay+.

  • End User Rewards - Users of the GameDay+ will earn rewards for using the mobile application and our websites. The mechanism for issuing these rewards is described in the diagram below:



Usage of the FLOW blockchain is designed to minimize gas fees for the exchange of tokens and maximize the community utility of other FLOW projects, such as NBA TopShot™, NFL ALLDay™, Ballerz™, and other pending sports related projects issued in partnership with Dapper Labs. 


The Fellas NFT is our GameDay+ launch edition NFT collection that features 10,000 unique degenerative sports bookies, handicappers and loan sharks from the 1950’s-1970’s minted on FLOW.

Each NFT includes a unique name, hometown, crew and position within the organization and comes with unique rewards from the GameDay+ community. Upon launch, your Fellas will be featured in GameDay+ and you will be able to use the images throughout the community. Holders will eventually be able to hold, sell and trade their Fellas within the community and on select marketplaces including the GameDay+ marketplace.

Embedded in the smart contract is a rewards boost within GameDay+ for holders, access to private chat groups featuring sports experts, handicappers and other luminaries within the community.
Fellas holders will also receive airdrops of the $GAMEDAY token, if issued, and invites to GameDay+ IRL events, tickets and more. 



GameDay+ initially will provide a custodial wallet with Blocto, which is mobile friendly and supports Polygon, Ethereum, FLOW & Solana to allow maximum utility for the GameDay+ community. Upon signing up to GameDay+, the custodial wallet will be created to enable non-crypto users to participate. 


Founder Edition & Loyalty NFTs will be structured with categories of functions including and not limited to:

  • Rewards tracking (tokens earned) for performing incentivized activity

  • Admission to exclusive events

  • Brand QR codes that can be redeemed for discounts, credits (e.g. funding a sports book account) and free stuff

  • Secondary Market transactions in external marketplaces (e.g. OpenSea, Rarible, Gaia)

  • $GAMEDAY Token drops (subject to regulatory approval

GameDay+ Creator NFTs:

  • Creator NFTs will be structured with categories of functions including and not limited to:

  • Subscriptions to content such (e.g. bet picks, podcasts)

  • Admission to exclusive events, content and forums

  • Royalties on the sale of by someone other than the creator

  • Secondary Market transactions in external marketplaces (e.g. OpenSea)



GameDay+ will transfer a portion of the value created from engagement and time spent within the platform to users and creators through their GameDay+ wallet. The value of these actions will fluctuate based on the status and access granted by your GameDay+ Loyalty NFT. 

Here are some examples of actions that will drive rewards.










As indicated previously, Data+Sports will initially leverage the FLOW blockchain for the NFT’s in the community, and we are  considering issuing a $GAMEDAY utility token to power the community. Pending decisions in the regulatory environment, we would reserve an adequate supply of our own tokens to convert rewards value to $GAMEDAY. As such, we will issue 10,000,000,000 (10 billion) GameDay+ tokens to be allocated to accredited investors and stakeholders and released upon proof of value, summarized below, with the Community Growth Pool being reserved for potential future utility.


Token Name: GameDay
Ticker: $GameDay
Token Type: ERC20 with ERC721-style characteristics
Company Reserves: 1B
Maximum tokens minted: 10,000,000,000 (10B)
Decimals: 4 



Company Reserve Pool (CRP): 1B
Community Growth Pool (CGP): 5.5B Distributed Based on Value Creation Table
Bounties and Staking: 1B Distributed for Initial Ecosystem System Growth & Liquidity
Financial Investment Pool (FIP): 1.5B Discounted w/ Lock-up and Vesting Schedule
Team Pool (TP): 2B (Includes founders, team, advisors, and future hires)



Fifty-five percent (55%) of the GameDay+ tokens will be reserved for the Community Growth Pool. The Community Growth Pool will encourage early and ongoing participation on GameDay+ and other Data+Sports platforms. The CGP will be released by the Data+Sports Treasury upon calculation of value creation and achievement. Distribution of the CGP is designed to incentivize value, attendees, participants, producers and engaged users.


We have reserved 1,500,000,000 of the CGP GameDay+ tokens to assist in growth during the launch and formative years of the ecosystem. A portion of the tokens will be reserved to reward evangelistic users who promote GameDay+ upon completion of KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and other measurable drivers that contribute to growing the GameDay+ community.
To encourage participation in staking , GameDay+ will allocate fifty percent (50%) of those reserve tokens (750,000,000) into a special GameDay+ staking contract. Tokens will be distributed proportionally to the stakers at the end of each day. 



Fifteen percent (15%) of Data+Sports tokens will be marketed and offered to accredited investors through SEC Reg D SAFT (Simple Agreement for Future Token). Team Pool (“TP”)


Twenty percent (20%) of Data+ Sports governance pool is reserved for employees and founders to support ongoing commercial and platform development and will be subject to vesting and lock-up provisions. Responsibility includes, legal, community and corporate governance, regulatory compliance, and strategic corporate and business development.


Data+Sports, Inc. will reserve ten percent (10%) of the initial GameDay+ tokens minted, to be distributed to the community, traded at the direction of Data+Sports, Inc. Board of Directors and may be subject to vesting and lock-up provisions.

Data+Sports is set to launch phase 1 of the GameDay+ mobile app early Q3 2022.


Version 1.0 establishes the foundation of a social media and messaging app with a personalized news feed of sports and sports wagering content with group and 1:1 chat. 

Our current roadmap for the GameDay+ platform is outline below:

  • Q2 2022 Founder’s Edition Fellas NFT Launch

  • Q3 2022 Commercial GameDay+ app and website Beta launch; 

  • Q4 2022 GameDay+ Loyalty rewards structure, Creator NFT 

  • Q1 2023 Free-to-Play games, Peer-2-Peer challenges, external NFT integration, advanced sports analytics, machine learning

  • Q4 2023 Peer-2-Peer wagering



Our leadership team is composed of successful executives from the Advertising and Technology industries, with a core focus on building platforms that monetize and maximize engagement on digital media properties, and a long history of building enterprises inorganically through M&A. 


Mike Caprio: Chief Growth Officer Sizmek; Group President Zeta Global (NYSE: ZETA); Co-Founder SWMX & V3 Technologies

Mark Paci: Former COO Huddled Masses & Co-founder Colossus SSP both sold to private equity; Co-founder V3 Technologies



You acknowledge and agree that there are numerous risks associated with purchasing GameDay+ tokens, holding GameDay+ tokens, and using GameDay+ tokens for participation in the GameDay+ dApp.

Uncertain Regulations and Enforcement Actions
The regulatory status of cryptocurrency and distributed ledger technology is unclear or unsettled in many jurisdictions. It is impossible to predict how, when or whether regulatory agencies may apply existing regulations or create new regulations with respect to such technology and its applications, including GameDay+ NFTs, the GameDay+ token and/or GameDay+. Regulatory actions could negatively impact GameDay+NFTs, the GameDay+ token, and/or the GameDay+ dApp in various ways. The Company or affiliates may cease operations in a jurisdiction in the event that regulatory actions, or changes to law or regulation, make it illegal to operate in such jurisdiction, or commercially undesirable to obtain the necessary regulatory approval(s) to operate in such jurisdiction.


The Company will continue to engage with a wide range of legal advisors and continuous analysis of the development and legal structure of virtual currencies, which may change the strategies and roadmap for GameDay+ NFTs, the GameDay+ token, or GameDay+ dApp.

GameDay+, GameDay+ NFTs and the GameDay+ token will be emerging in a competitive and uncertain environment with entrenched and deep-pocketed competitors. The Company may be unsuccessful in building a community at scale, limiting the value of the opportunity for participants and investors.


Failure to develop
There is the risk that the development of the GameDay+ dApp will not be executed or implemented as planned, for a variety of reasons, including without limitation the event of a decline in the prices of any digital asset, virtual currency, unforeseen technical difficulties, and shortage of development funds for activities.


Other risks
In addition to the aforementioned risks, there are other risks that the Company cannot anticipate. You should conduct full due diligence on the Company, the Data+Sports team, understand the overall framework and vision for GameDay+ prior to purchasing GameDay+ NFTs and GameDay+ tokens or participating in the community. 

[1] Global Sports Market Opportunities and Strategies Report 2021: Sports Market Forecast to Reach $599.9 billion by 2025 as COVID-19 Lockdowns Ease 
[2] Sports Betting Market Size Worth $140.26 Billion By 2028: Grand View Research, Inc. - Bloomberg

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Time Spent on GameDay+

60 mins in Platform*


User Referrals

Minimum of 10 Referrals*

Affiliate Brand Engagement

Sign-Up/ Download/ Purchase

Sportsbook Affiliate Engagement 

Sign-Up/Fund Account

*For illustration purposes only

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